September 12, 2022

It has been a long time since my last race in 2019.  Covid in 2020 put life on hold for me, about the time we started to come out of Covid in 2021 I began to get ready to resume racing in 2022, other issues took priority and that was that for 2022.

So 2022 now became 2023, I have had two of my cars converted over to composite bodies as the steel bodies have been phased out.  My steel body cars were Ford Fusions, the composites are Toyota Camrys.  ARCA now allows any engine in any body, so I will be running my Ford engines under the hood for the time being.

One car is a speedway car for Daytona and Talladega only, while the other car, the black car on the homepage, is for the other tracks on the schedule.  I am working on the black car now, once I get it a little further along it is going to the back of the shop as I will need to be getting going on the car for Daytona as January testing will be here in no time.

So in the meantime I will just stay on the cars until they are ready to go.