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  This page is to keep you informed of how the team is doing and the plans for the season.

     As we are competing with the Steel Body cars as ARCA is transitioning to the new Composite Body cars, the Steel Body cars are  restricted to the short tracks and the two dirt fairgrounds tracks for the 2019 ARCA racing schedule.

    After the 2019 racing season the Steel Body cars will be obsolete so it will require upgrading to the new Composite Body cars to compete on the ARCA circuit.

    We have two short track cars, one is going to be ran on the asphalt short tracks, while the other will be ran on the dirt tracks, though either car can be setup to run on either racing surface.

   A new Steel Body car is about finished for the 2019 racing season, this car replaces a car that was destroyed at Salem, Indiana last spring.

    The plan is get the new car completed, and get it Kimmel Racing so that Bill Kimmel can coil bind the front end.   We have been running conventional setups and are going to start running the coil bind.  Coil binding is a setup style that uses soft front springs and stiffer rear springs to control body roll and keep the nose down and level as possible on the track.